The Centre

A new Healthy Living Centre, aimed at providing residents with a one-stop site for health services is now open. Working together with health services in Thanet Funded we aim to provide a range of services that tackle public health issues including smoking, drugs and alcohol misuse, sexual health, mental wellbeing, healthy weight programmes and physical activity.

Emily Fell, Aspiration Centre Development Manager said: “This is a new centre for the community of Thanet. This will be a safe place for people to find support and care.”

It will provide advice, education and support for a community of all ages through drop-in cafe support groups, one-on-one private counselling meetings and a quiet place to rest, research and read. It will promote healthy living, both physically and mentally.

Facilities include two classrooms, a private counselling room, a reading corner and a cafe serving drinks, snacks and Wi-Fi. There will also be hands-on training workshops where people can learn construction and DIY skills.

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