Community Pastors

The Community Pastors initiative works in partnership with Churches, Community Partners and the Local Authority. It is a bringing together of volunteers to serve a common purpose.  To put the Church into the heart of our communities by listening to, engaging with and genuinely caring for peoples’ wellbeing on the streets late on Saturday nights. Handing out Flip flops, bottles of water and even sweets! We will signpost anyone in need to a place of support and safety and for those most vulnerable, provide safe passage home.


What is Community Pastors?

The Community Pastors initiative works in partnership with the Police, Council, RNLI, St John Ambulance and local businesses. Community Pastors are committed to caring for people’s wellbeing and safety whilst they enjoy Thanet’s nightlife.


Who are Community Pastors?

Community Pastors are Christian volunteers from across the many denominations of Thanet’s churches who have all undertaken training to become a Community Pastor.


What do Community Pastors do?

Community Pastors patrol the streets of Thanet where there is the greatest need of their services. With there being more venues in close proximity which stay open for longer in Ramsgate, the majority of patrols take place there. When particular events take place in Margate and Broadstairs, patrols will be arranged to be there. Also, as the number of Community Pastors increases, it is envisaged to cover more than one town on the same night.


Who can become a Community Pastor?

Anyone who is aged 18 or over, and is a volunteer or active member within a local church.They need to be committed to the values of Community Pastors with a passion for the safety of those enjoying Thanet’s nightlife.


How can I become a Community Pastor?

To enquire about becoming a Community Pastor please fill in the form provided at the bottom of the page.


What is the application process?

After filling in the application form, a reference request will be sent to your application contact. After a positive reference has been returned, you will be asked to complete an enhanced CRB and to attend training. Only once an enhanced CRB has been returned and training successfully completed can your work on the streets begin.


Partnered Churches

We gain huge amounts of support from many local churches. Here is a list of some of the churches that support the great work that Community Pastors do.

– Cecil Square Baptist Church (Margate)

– Global Generation Church (Margate)

– Harvest New Anglican Church (Broadstairs)

– King’s Church (Ramsgate)

– New Life Family Church (Margate)

– Newington Free Church (Ramsgate)

– Queens Road Baptist Church (Broadstairs)

– St. Paul’s Church (Cliftonville)

– St. Peter’s Baptist Church (St. Peter’s)

– St. Philip’s Church (Palm Bay)

  • Thomas Church (Minnis Bay)
  • Holy Trinity Church (Cliftonville)
  • Laurence (Ramsgate)


Get Involved

We would love you to join us on team, please read the Criteria to become a Pastor & the expected responsibilities below and then fill in the form,: a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

 Criteria to become a Community Pastor

  • Must be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Be willing to commit to serving 1 night per month (from 8.30 pm to approx. 4am)
  • Have a positive reference from a Church Leader
  • Enhanced DBS check
  • Successful completion of training

Expected Responsibilities

  • Work in a team of 3 to 4 people (each with at least one male and one female.)
  • Communicate between team members
  • Relay relevant night-time information to team leader
  • Engage with night-time goers to ensure wellbeing and safety
  • Form relationships with those working within the night-time economy
  • Work alongside partnership agencies: Police, NHS, TDC, KCC
  • Signpost anyone in need to the correct support services
  • Provide safe passage home to the lone/vulnerable via linked taxi company
  • Record data to feed back to Thanet Community Safety Partnership
  • Adhere to and follow all guidelines in reference to Community Pastors street evangelism
  • Adhere to and follow all guidelines in respect of delivering the Community Pastors Brand, including wearing the uniform and identification provided
  • Use of technologies such as: walkie-talkie, mobile phone, dictaphone


Volunteer Application Form

Please fill in the simple form below and we will get in contact to start the process.