Aspire Streamline course:

Will started the Aspire Streamline course with us he was a very withdrawn individual and would often lock himself away in his room, with his only real passion coming from playing on the Playstation, which had led to him having quite a fractious relationship with his mum.

Upon joining the course he did really well in engaging himself in the different lessons and work experience he was offered, even on the days that he felt he had low self esteem or wanted to withdraw.

This new sense of confidence grew and during his work experience at Lark in the Park he really got stuck in with the security team there, even to the point when he was coming out of hours to help and just wanted to constantly be a part of everything that was going on – a big change from the withdrawn individual we had first met.

This boy has since been able to gain a place on the Academic year course within Aspire and has seen a growth in the relationships and friendships that he has had around him.


Aspire Community Programme:

Jan first joined Course 5 on 18th May 2015 in a depressed state after being made redundant as a Teaching assistant in 2013. Her Well Being score in Week 1 was 36 and by the end of Week 6 it had increased to 42 (the average score is 41-59). She was very quiet for a while and over time her confidence grew.

She was very pro-active in her work experience and able to work through her issues. At the end of the course I invited her to become a Volunteer assistant for Week 6 where she was also to become a Mentor. In this new role she was able to reflect on course members’ progress and involvement and support them in a professional and supportive manner.

During Course 6 she applied for and gained employment as a Teaching Assistant to start work in September. At the end of Course 6 she also became part of the “Tea Rooms” team at Lark in the Park and was a valuable member of the team.


Kevin is 50 and started the course feeling angry and suicidal after moving to Thanet 3 weeks earlier following the break-up of his second marriage and leaving his job (as a railway station supervisor) and young son behind. His Well Being score on day 1 was 25 and he was very negative at times in joining in with some activities or discussions. At times he broke down in tears at the cyclic way his life had gone in peaks and troughs.

Things changed after we hosted a group of Senior citizens at our centre where he and others on the course had to socialize and serve them. He loved this so much I got him placed doing weekly voluntary work at an Over 60’s social club which has continued for 6 months.

At the end of the course his Well Being score increased to 36 and he was invited to return as Mentor to the next course participants. Such has his well being improved that 7 – 8 months after starting the course he has now gained employment as a Support worker visiting elderly clients in their homes.


Graham is aged 59 and started this course with very low self esteem and had little contact with other people apart from his elderly landlady and his work coach. At the interview and for the first 3-4 weeks of this course Graham kept on his gloves, cap,coat and backpack and hardly spoke unless directly asked.

But with great rapport and support with his mentor Danny, he has engaged in conversations with others, his gloves and coat have come off and he is talking to more people. He has also started a weekly work placement with a small business who make luxury leather goods; which is an area of work experience his mentor has found out so is proving to be an asset to the company.

This placement is continuing indefinitely as the employer has reported back that Graham is awesome! His Well Being score started on Day 1 at 20 and has increased to 31 at the end.