The Aspirations Healthy Living Centre is aimed at providing the local community with a one-stop site for health services, in Thanet. Funded by Kent County Council (KCC), it is the fifth centre of its kind in Kent, where a range of services are brought together to tackle public health issues including smoking, drugs and alcohol misuse, sexual health, mental wellbeing, healthy weight programmes and physical activity. The Aspirations Healthy Living Centre opened in January 2015 and is in partnership with Pipeline, Global Generation Church, Orbit South Housing Association and KCC Public Health.

We believe a person’s individual wellbeing is not achieved through one aspect of healthy living but rather people face multiple challenges through the various seasons of life. Therefore our vision is to help provide multiple platforms of healthcare. The centre aims to create an environment where people feel safe to share their problems, feel vulnerable to ask for help and get motivated to raise their aspirations and change the way they live. We provide a place to find advice, access education and support for a community of all ages through drop-in cafe support groups, one-on-one private counselling meetings and a quiet place to rest, research and read. It promotes healthy living both mentally, physically and spiritually.

Our facilities include two classrooms, a private counselling room, a reading corner and a cafe serving drinks, snacks and Wi-Fi. There is also a hands-on training workshop where people can learn construction, bike engineering and DIY skills.