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A Bit Below the Belt

Posted: 16 May 2017

As a healthy living centre we’ve got a remit to promote good health in every area of our lives including physical and mental health.

There are also types of health we’d rather not speak about too openly all the time and that is sexual health and women’s health. We don’t believe in taboos at the Aspirations Centre though and we have some exciting new initiatives as well as some older ones that can support people in these areas.

Free condoms:

Last month we started functioning as a ‘Get It’ registration and distribution centre. This means that if you are 13-25 you can come to the centre and speak to one of our staff and they can register you on the system and give you a card which will allow you to access free condoms at lots of distribution points across Kent and Medway. You can find them all here:


If you’re not sure if you’re ready to have sex, or not sure how to use a condom? Our trained staff are able to chat with you and give advice and support. They can even teach you how to use the condoms so you can be sure that you are staying safe if you do decide to have sex.


Free chlamydia test kits:

Did you know that if you’re under 25 and sexually active it’s recommended that you get tested for chlamydia once a year or whenever you change sexual partners.

For the last 2 years we’ve had a grab bin full of free kits for you to do your own test to check your own sexual health. The kits come with a free post envelope to send off to get your results. No embarrassing questions, just an opportunity to put your mind at rest and make sure that you are healthy.

Not sure what chlamydia is? Read about the symptoms here


Free sanitary products:

A lot of us take sanitary products for granted, they are a necessity for almost 50% of the population. They allow women to carry on with daily life and give dignity and comfort. However many women in the UK now struggle to afford these basic items.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with London based charity Bloody Good Period to be a collection and distribution centre for sanitary products in Thanet.

We’ve already received a generous donation organised by the people of St Alphege Church in Whitstable which we are distributing to the homeless community as well as partnering with Thanet Food Link to reach the women that access their foodbank.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from this service in Thanet or if you’d like to donate to us please contact

For any more information about any of these services please visit the centre, call 01843 226232 or email

It’s good to keep every area of our lives healthy including the bit below the belt!