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10 A Day. No Way?

Posted: 16 March 2017

Eating 5 portions of fruit and veg a day can be tricky, especially when budgets are tight and life is busy. Now the recommendation has gone up to 10 portions a day and for many of us that seems like an impossible task.

This article from the BBC  shows that we’re still aiming for a minimum of 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, but the more we eat, the more health benefits we’ll notice.

So how can we eat 5+ pieces of fruit and veg without breaking the bank? The BBC have some tips, but here are some of our own:

  1. Try adding some fruit into your breakfast. Banana’s are great (and really cheap – loose they’re only 13p each at the moment!) also frozen berries can be added to yoghurt or cereal. A 500g bag of berries, mango or pineapple only costs £2 and will last one person a few weeks.
  2. Have nuts or seeds as your snack. Seeds and nuts are high in protein and fibre so a great way to sneak in an extra portion, but be careful not to have too many nuts as they’re also high in fat. Try and avoid the salty ones too. A 500g nut and raison mix is about £200 and 300g of monkey nuts is only 99p!!
  3. Add some veg to your sandwich. Slice a medium tomato into your ham, chicken or cheese sandwich or eat a raw carrot or some celery. You don’t need to eat a full salad to get some healthy stuff in. 6 salad tomatoes cost about 69p, a carrot is just 6p and celery is about 55p for a pack if you get the cheaper brands.
  4. Make sure you always have some veg with your dinner. Broccoli is about 43p each (when loose) and will easily feed a family of 4 and frozen veg is just as good as the fresh stuff if storage is an issue. Frozen peas are about £1.35 for 1Kg and frozen mixed veg are about £1.10 for 1Kg
  5. Eat some lentils and beans. Lentils and pulses count towards your 5 a day and are a high protein and cheap substitute for meat. A 500g bag of red lentils only costs £1.15! If you’re not sure how to cook them there’s a helpful guide here:

So if you take 5 of the suggestions above for one day for one person it would cost you about 64p! So maybe 10 a day isn’t so unachievable after all?!

Have a go and see if you can hit your 5 a day or even 10 a day! Let us know what it costs and how good it tastes! You can email us at, tweet us @AspirationsHLC or comment on our Facebook post.